The college process is not only stressful on the student. The obligation to help get your student into the right school can be just as daunting on you, the parents or guardians. There are often so many questions-not only from the student, but also from the parents. Some parents know that they want their student to get an education, but they just donít know how to help make it a reality.

Students need all the help from their parents and guardians as possible. This is a huge step in the studentsí lives, and to say that it can be a little intimidating is an understatement.

Here at Fairfield County College Bound, we donít underestimate the power of the parents and guardians. We know that it is not only important for the student to be educated about the pursuit of education after high school, but it is just as important for the parents to be educated.

We have created this section of the website for you, parents. We hope to address some of the many questions that you might be faced with when confronting the reality of putting your student through school.

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