If you believe that it is vitally important to:


  • Help high school students tear down barriers to access higher education;
  • Help elementary and middle school students understand that higher education is essential to their future success;
  • Ensure that parents are armed with the information and tools they need to help their children understand the importance of college;
  • Provide assistance to adults who have a desire to go to college and obtain a degree;


then we hope that you will consider supporting Fairfield County College Bound.


Normally, schools enter into a Contract for Services with a college access organization like ours. However, with the current condition of the State budget, and knowing that there are likely cuts coming to educational funding, we did not feel it prudent to request money from Lancaster City Schools for this pilot program. Instead, we are looking to the community to help us get started until school and state budgets are in better shape.


Will you partner with us? Any donations would be greatly appreciated.


There are many important causes vying for support. We believe that helping students remove barriers in order to get to college is a great investment in our students and in our community. We hope that you will partner with us as we work to help students get to college. If you would like to speak in person about the organization and our plans, please feel free to contact David Uhl. He would be happy to talk with you about our plans.